We are
Beauty Hunters.

Our Manifest.

LEFAS Hair Operators is located in the heart of the most stylish street of Thessaloniki.


It was created to offer premium beauty services in an imposing industrial space. It is the only beauty store in Thessaloniki that guarantees a complete beauty experience of international standards.


Dimitris Lefas is one of the most experienced and innovative hair experts in the country. He envisioned and opened a salon where everyone now has the opportunity to enjoy exclusive personalized care, from the hands of modern professionals.


Products from leading brands, premium hair treatments and unique hairstyle & color proposals are waiting to be discovered!


It’s about fulfilling our clients’ wishes, about style that makes them look and feel more authentic, whoever they are today. Keeping up with evolving innovations and trends is important, but it’s equally important to us that our clients feel like they are the best version of themselves.




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